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Webinar Best Practices

When it comes to making human connections in a digital world, nothing beats engaging, interactive, data-rich webinar programs. Done right, they’re the most effective marketing channel for driving demand.

We’re here to help you do it right — join our ongoing Webinar Best Practices Series with Mark Bornstein, ON24 Chief Webinerd Officer and VP of Content Strategy, for a closer look at our featured best practice, “How to Bring Physical Events into the Digital World

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Be the best webinerd you can be and use our step-by-step Webinar Best Practices to learn everything from planning out your program to optimizing webinars for engagement to turning that engagement into actionable data.


Check out how webinerds across the world make their webinars rock.


SAP makes their webinars all about who’s watching and in this case, it’s an audience of time-constrained state and local government officials. The webinar series Smart Cities pulls the audience in right from the start by rolling video to introduce the topic and presentation. Then, the software company gives participants the opportunity to consume the content at their own pace by dividing the webinar into chapters.

From the fully branded console to the use of video to deliver a thought-leadership discussion, this SAP webinar is more like a TED Talk than a humdrum Powerpoint presentation and brings the company’s thought leadership to life.


Drawbridge is all about helping companies have a 360-degree view of their customers, unifying data to make customer experiences that make an impression. So, it’s no surprise that Drawbridge delivers a cohesive webinar experience.

Every single touch point is branded, with their company identity thoughtfully infused into every element. This shows Drawbridge’s commitment to helping brands with their omnichannel strategies.


Boring seminar or dynamic talk show? Even for the complex topic of analytics, enterprise software company Qlik makes their webinars like must-see TV by opting for a video-based panel discussion over a typical webinar presentation.

Qlik’s strategy is about more than entertainment. This approach shows how webinars help transform B2B marketing from stiff, sterile transactions into consumer-friendly experiences that reach the individual.


Professional network LinkedIn knows the importance of making connections. Their webinar series, “Live with Marketers,” draws on the power of networks by turning their webinar into a forum for live peer-to-peer discussion.

With interactivity throughout the session, LinkedIn creates an online conversation that surfaces what’s top of mind for marketers in real time. And, just like their platform, it becomes a destination for marketers to get industry and peer-driven insights that they can’t get anywhere else.

Weight Watchers

For a consumer brand as widely known as Weight Watchers, it can be a challenge to expand into the B2B space of employee wellness benefits. So, Weight Watchers turned to webinars to enhance its human resources wellness programs.

Through webinar-driven nutrition classes featuring celebrity chefs, Weight Watchers helps its business partners engage their employees in developing healthy habits and understand the individuals at the companies they support. This high-value program sets Weight Watchers apart and helps companies deliver nutrition expertise at scale.


As an international investment bank specializing in advising small businesses on a sale of their company, trust is BCMS’ greatest currency. That’s why webinars are their primary tool for upholding that reputation in the market.

By presenting in simulive format, BCMS ensures its webinar content is delivered flawlessly and the information they are sharing is just as reliable. Their consistent branding throughout the webinar further cements their audience’s confidence.

ON24 2018 Webinar Benchmarks

  • 56 Minutes Average Webinar Viewing Time

  • 35% Webinar Viewers are On Demand

  • 82% of Webinars Engage with Live Q&A

  • 100+ Average Webinar Attendees

  • 40% Average Attendee Conversion Rate

  • 40 Average Data Points Per Attendee

1B+Minutes of Webinar Engagement


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