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Life Sciences

Transform Digital Engagement with Healthcare Professionals

ON24 enables Life Science companies to drive product awareness, education, and adoption through meaningful experiences that deliver measurable results.

What’s New

Seamlessly flow event registration, attendance, and engagement data from the ON24 platform to Veeva CRM Events Management.


Our Platform enables you to create engaging digital experiences for distributors, sales reps, and healthcare professionals (HCP) to keep them well informed with the right information anytime, from anywhere. Each experience can be interactive with Q&A, surveys, chat, and more. ON24 provides over 20+ engagement and conversion tools.  All of this actionable data can be seamlessly integrated into marketing automation platforms, CRM systems, collaboration software, and business intelligence tools – accelerating the buyer’s journey.

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Use Cases

Healthcare Professional Engagement

Healthcare professionals (HCP) want to engage with and receive expert, scientific information from KOL, peers & other subject matter experts.

ON24 provides a channel to expand such engagement and allow life science marketers to scale reach through digital experiences designed for building HCP relationships, and empowering them to make educated decisions for their practices.


For life science companies speed to market is one of the biggest challenges. It is imperative to create content quickly and get timely legal approvals in order to get the word to healthcare professionals (HCP).

ON24 empowers life science companies, to create digital content experiences to support product launches that drive new business and increase sales with existing customers.


With an increased speed of product development cycles it is critical to engage with global sales and distribution teams on a regular basis to ensure they can effectively sell the brand’s products, drugs, and therapies. 

ON24 empowers life science marketers to set their sales and distribution teams up for success by delivering immersive product trainings, share clinical studies, sales strategies and market positioning.


Robust Data Profiles

With ON24 analytics, obtain healthcare professionals (HCP) behavioral insights across every interaction to better understand their needs and preferences. Integrate the actionable data into your MAP and Veeva CRM system that facilitates engagement between marketing and sales and drives results.
See new Veeva System integration to measure the impact of engagement with HCPs

Extend Impact of HCP Networking

Incorporate ON24 Breakouts so healthcare professionals (HCP) can engage in peer-to-peer networking and deepen connections with KOL speakers. Capture engagement data to understand HCP interest and purchase readiness that informs sales 1:1 discussions.

Learn how you can scale interactions and engagements with ON24 Breakouts.

Ensure Security & Compliance

Satisfy regulatory affairs with secure digital experiences, approval workflows, and easily moderated channels of registration and communication. With simu-live recordings or by repurposing live events captured on video, companies can reduce risks & comply with industry regulations.
Read more about our ON24 privacy and data protection.



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